fortunata re 100x100cm

This is my example of "The Big Bang"...

There evolved an explosion of young stars and young planets, including stars...that which 'atomic particle's' dance could have played a great role in the division of exact positions of the entities.

The "eye" which is at the middle was a result of my passion to understand my autistic son's most intriguing habits of collecting marbles and balls.

This red ball at the middle was caught painted by myself, reflecting the first 'atomic planet'.


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Taxacum Victims of Some Molecular Dice

I wanted to draw, and I couldn’t paint, but the deliberate matter is this:

All I was searching for is answer to the question: Why are we here?!

And then, one day, I came across the ball flower of Taxacum.
I was devoted to the eye, and every ocular visions entangled within.
So I managed to take a deeper look at the Taxacum flower, and when I came closer, to a vision so far … as far as the galactic worlds..I see visions of a star, and then another star, and then another…

I wanted to know what the visions were, but my hands were led to an oil canvas, so I painted the Dandelion flower, but the hues were born to God.

I was God in this Dandelion, and He was blowing winds…as if He was creating…

Theresa Aberilla

Gepost door: myself | 20-05-08

I get crazy looking at this painting, so I took it off the wall!!!

It's talking to me, there's a voice comming from it's core!

Gepost door: Theresa | 28-02-11

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